Mission Statement

Our Mission at Inclusion is to work for people, enabling them to achieve
the life they want.

The primary function of Inclusion is:

To manage the Individual Service Funds of people with long-term support needs and to work with them and those who know and support them, to develop the ideal service and the means to effectively manage and change that service over time.

Inclusion believes:

That underpinning the organisation, we should welcome the world’s diversity, a world made up of individuals, each with their own gifts and each worthy of equal respect.

Everyone has the potential to develop and everyone has a contribution to make.  If you are someone who needs help to do everyday activities like eating, walking or communicating then you have the right to receive that support from the community.  Receiving these practical supports should not interfere with the rights we all share, to education. To decent health care, to housing and to have the opportunity to contribute to society.

The rights to different kinds of support must be met in ways which do not interfere with the individual’s development and their development of a personal network of family, friends and colleagues.