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In Control Scotland ( )

The members of Altrum led the way on the development of in-Control Scotland to ensure that the personalisation, self directed supports and Individualised Budgets are available for everyone north of the border. Altrum are working with the Consortium for Learning Disability, the Scottish Government and some Local Authorities to make this happen.


Altrum and Altrum Members Altrum ( Inclusion Glasgow is a founder member of Altrum which means “to foster” in Gaelic. Altrum is a federation of separate, diverse and creative organisations who share common values and principles and aim to live to those values in the work they do. Altrum has a role to develop its own members and to nurture new like minded organisations. They commit to sharing freely all resources and share real partnership in training, policy development and in obtaining services collectively in areas such as Personnel, Health and Safety support.


C-Change ( Committed to supporting real positive change in the lives of individuals and families with support needs regardless of age and personal circumstances 
Diversity Matters ( Working for a more inclusive society, strengthening networks and community 
Partners for Inclusion ( ) Partners for Inclusion provide high quality support to individuals with a learning and/or mental health disabilities. We pride ourselves on being fully committed in providing services that are fully person centred around each person we support. 
Inspiring Inclusion ( Inspiring Inclusion wants to inspire, support and challenge you to live and work in ways that make it more likely that the people we care about and support will live rich and full lives and have their contribution welcomed and valued 
Neighbourhood Networks ( Working with people in our neighbourhoods to support each other, to live independently in our own homes and to follow our dreams
Elcap ( ELCAP works in the Lothians for people who need support to enjoy meaningful and fulfilling lives. We support people in the ways they prefer so they can live the kind of lives they want.
Freespace ( Working in partnership with people to live independently in their own home and to live the life of their choice in Edinburgh.

Garvald Edinburgh ( Scottish Charity offering creative opportunities and support for people with learning disabilities.
The Thistle Foundation ( A Scottish charity helping people with disabilities and health conditions



Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability ( Our mission is to work in partnership with people with learning disabilities of all ages and family carers to challenge discrimination and to develop and share good practice.
Values Into Action Scotland ( Rights, choice and control for people with learning difficulties and individuals on the autistic spectrum
Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland ( The Care Inspectorate is the independent scrutiny and improvement body for care and children’s services. 
Paradigm ( We work hard to be different and to make a difference, both in the lives of people and in the organisations that support them. We are not like any other consultancy or training agency 
The Centre for Welfare Reform ( Working to redesign the welfare state in order to increase social justice, promote citizenship, strengthen families and enrich our communities.