About us

Inclusion Glasgow was established in 1996 by Simon Duffy to provide supported living to people who had been in long term institutional care especially those from Lennox Castle Hospital.

Inclusion Glasgow has always intended to stay a small organisation to ensure that a person centered approach and values stay real for all.  Inclusion Glasgow helped to develop two other organisations, C-Change for Inclusion and Partners for Inclusion.

Each supports a similar number of people to Inclusion Glagow. Both of these organisations became independent companies in April 2004. Inclusion Glasgow went on to support the development of an organisation called LEAF (Life,Employment and Friends) to promote employment opportunities and community networking.

Inclusion Glasgow were also instrumental in supporting the growth of Neighborhood Networks.

Inclusion Ears

The Inclusion Ears are a small group of people we work for who are helping us to think about quality. They took part in some training from Pat and Andy of Diversity Matters to help them think about assessing quality and what a good support service looks like. The team are now going out to …

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Peoples Stories

I am proud of my achievements, I have been learning to cook and bake with support from my staff every day, my confidence has grown with using my cooker and baking equipment. I have also been inviting friends for lunch and dinner parties every week, I can now help with the cooking and baking and …

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